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  Add chat button to your website
  To setup eTalkUp on your website, you will need to copy and paste folloing HTML tag on your webpage. These scripts allows your webpage shows up the floating pannel as below.
  Demo image for floating pannel
  By clicking the icon on the pann
-el, your web visitor can start a chat with your Operator Client Console you have just installed.
  To generate the script
  1. Please Input Your UserID:  and click
  2. Now you get JavaScript below:
  3. Click   to copy the JavaScript to the clipboard.

Have you notice the floating panel that have just showed up with your User ID?
Actually, you can skip the following steps to see what the chat pannel looks like on your website
Click the the icon on the pannel and start a online chat with the client console you have Installed right away!


4. Paste the code in your webpage just before the </body> tag. Preview your webpage in your IE browser, and find what your floating pannel looks like.

     More choice for your website
  We understand your may want a configurable pannel, which could easily be fit in your website. We've developed a variety of deployment types for presenting eTalkUp on your website. Please sign in on and give them a try. All options are quick and easy to implement.
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