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Reduce Operational Cost
Power Up Your Sales
Track and Manage Customers
Increase Customer Satisfaction
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eTalkup to Give $50 Amazon Gift Card Promotion for New and Existing...
eTalkup was Regarded as a Great Tool for Website to Connect with Vistors...
"eTalkup is a very solid product that is constantly evolving. Features are being added and refined on a very regular basis. The staff at eTalkup are VERY responsive to suggestions and reported problems, whether minor or major in scope. The staff treat their customers in a very respectful manner, unlike what I have experienced with other companies producing!"
Sunrise Door Software
Feature Highlights
Both IM and VOIP supports
Compelling price among top competitors
Track web visitors in real time
Customization & branding
Advanced chat features
Message forwarding for Mobile users
Auto update – keep your version fresh!

The Most Cost-effective Solution
We offer more features with lower price. It is the best value you can find on the Internet!
Secure and Reliable
We understand the importance of security and reliability to your business. You can enable the 256-bit SSL secured connection to ensure all the transferred data is highly protected.

Flexible & Customizable
We have a powerful control panel that enables you to customize the features & visual effects. Moreover, our professional customization team is happy to assist you with all your needs.

Developer Friendly
We have a powerful developer SDK that enables you to customize and integrate eTalkup into you existing systems, such as CMS, CRM, e-Commerce, Blog, etc.
 Easy to Setup
It only takes a few minutes! Insert a single line of JavaScript code into your webpage and you are all set.
 Easy to Use
You don't have to take any training. eTalkup operator console is similar to most popular IM software (e.g. MSN, Yahoo Messenger).
 Easy to Maintain
You don't have to be a computer geek. It is a hosted service. We do all the maintenance work for you.
 Automatic Upgrade
You don't have to watch for new releases. The upgrades are all automatic and free!
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